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Aisha McShaw

Aisha McShaw is an American fashion designer, entrepreneur and public speaker from Mount Vernon, NY. In 2018, she took the fashion world by storm and made headlines during New York Fashion Week. She successfully launched her first collection through her company Aisha McShaw Designs.

Aisha always had a passion for creating and a keen sense for styling. After working in the financial industry for eleven years, she decided to invest wholeheartedly into her gift for fashion and design. She started by designing “made to order” items for several “A” list celebrities within the entertainment and political arena. In less than a year from launching, Aisha McShaw Designs has been featured and worn by numerous women and men in the fashion arena. In July 2021, Aisha was honored at
The Essence Festival by The Humanity of Connection and AT &T for her contributions to fashion and entertainment. In March 2022, Aisha’s work was featured in Ebony Magazine for her creative design for lab coats for HBCU STEM Queens sponsored by

Aisha McShaw Designs has also been featured in several movies and broadway productions. Over the span of two year starting in September 2018, she worked as the lead costume designer for the motion picture “A New York Christmas Wedding”. The movie was released on Netflix in November 2020.

Aisha is widely recognized as a ceiling breaker for her innovative contributions to the fashion industry and her commitment to women equalities. When Aisha isn’t designing, she is active with her nonprofit organization entitled “Evolution of Love”. The foundation focuses on spiritual, mental and wellness maturity for girls ages 8-18 years old. The foundation also focuses on incorporating yoga as a lifestyle; combined with mediation and healthy eating.

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