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Michelle Ganpat is an ERYT-900 (Expert Registered Yoga Teacher) and the co-founder of Evolution of Love. From New York, she moved to Rishikesh, India, the world’s yoga capital, to complete RYT-500 and master the yogic lifestyle under the eye of gurus. Michelle attended the United Nations International Day of Yoga & World Peace Event as a Speaker in 2017 and joined Her Honor Mentoring Program as a Yoga and Meditation Teacher the following year.

Michelle is a Certified Kids’ Yoga & Meditation Teacher and specializes in working in urban and trauma-affected communities. She has previously served as a co-teacher for Budding Buddhas Kids Yoga Company and Tovami Yoga Studio and attended numerous schools and community events as a speaker to raise awareness about the importance of Yoga and mindfulness.

A former EMT and lifelong athlete, Michele understands the real impact of trauma on the body and the mind and works with clients to help them rise above adversities and reshape their lives for the better. In particular, she works with adolescents and teens who either braved trauma or come from underserved communities. 

Michelle is renowned for her unique approach and bespoke style. In her practice, she encourages and incorporates the use of all eight limbs, five senses, the third eye, and the gut. As a yoga trainer, she helps clients leverage gratitude to build a greater appreciation for life, distance themselves from stresses, and live in the moment. Michelle serves to help people connect and follow their hearts and build purpose-driven lives. 

Michelle has led international yoga retreats, workshops, & community events and strives to make meditation accessible to yogis of all ages and physical capabilities. She is also the founder of Sweet Karma Yoga, a mobile yoga unit bringing the art to schools, libraries, and community spaces across Westchester County, Bronx, Manhattan, Long Island, Queens, and Brooklyn. 

Besides this, Michelle loves playing tennis, building exceptional memories outdoors, hiking, kayaking, and eating delicious foods. She loves to have fun and admires souls who never give up, live authentically, and believe wholeheartedly.   

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